mms staffJacqueline Weeks

Like many before me, I caught the summer camp bug as a fresh-faced 18 year old and spent all of my University summer’s heading off to the USA creating amazing memories as a General Counsellor, Activity Specialist, Waterfront Director and Assistant Director.  Upon graduation I secured a job but before long the harsh reality of the corporate world left me craving a more meaningful career within the summer camp industry.  By this point I had spent many years working as a recruiter for one of the larger well-known staffing agencies and had begun to notice that the trend towards fully automated applications and hiring processes had left many potential staff feeling a little lost and disheartened long before the summer had gotten underway.  I wanted to offer a more personal service that empowered staff to make their own choice regarding where they spent their summer and nurture those staff through the increasingly complex visa process.  And so Make My Summer (MMS) was born in 2009.

Since then I have worked hard to build relationships with Camp Directors, University lecturers, Club Organizers and Visa partners to ensure I have a network of loyal supporters to continue to grow MMS.  Each season we employ recruiters and administrators to assist with the day-to-day running of the company and ensure all camps and staff who work with us benefit from the personal service and attention to detail that we have become known for.

As well as running MMS I run the social schedules for my two beautiful young children – that’s no simple task and makes the visa process look a breeze!

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