Our 3-stage process:

  1. Getting to know you and your camp
  2. Generating staff applications through customised marketing
  3. Nurturing your staff and preparing them for camp

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Stage one: Getting to know you and your camp

Each year we only take on a small number of new camps as one of the most time intensive things we do is get to know your camp inside and out.  We will research your website and social media as if we were potential staff and try to understand what first impressions they may make and questions they may have.  We will then liaise with you to fill in the gaps – find out the answers to all of the most important questions prospective staff may have and build up a profile of your most typical/ideal staff characteristics.

Using this information we will create samples of job adverts you can use on all social media platforms.  We welcome feedback and will amend until you are happy that we have it just right.

Stage two: Generating staff applications through customised marketing

A full set of marketing materials is produced and is available for both ourselves and the camp to post on as many social media and print platforms as we can.  Where possible this is further supported by real life stories from previous camp staff as there is nothing more powerful than a recommendation from someone who has been there and done it before.

MMS will complete a series of targeted marketing campaigns suitable to the positions you have available, these efforts can be concentrated to the USA or have global reach.  Depending on the package you have opted for, applications will be received directly by you or we will receive them and screen applicants thus reducing your time spent on reviewing applications.

Stage three: Nurturing your staff and preparing them for camp

All hiring decisions are made by you and all contracts are negotiated between yourselves and the staff member.  You are able to recommend a preferred visa partner or we can educate the staff on their options and allow them to pick the agency which best suits their needs.  Regardless of who sponsors their J1, all staff you hire are invited to join our JI visa support group on Facebook and/or receive our email newsletter with tips, advice and common questions answered.

We are in no way suggesting that the large visa agencies do not support the staff they assist:  in actual fact the support they offer is so extensive and so comprehensive in terms of resources available that staff more often than not feel overwhelmed and at a loss as to where to start.  A friendly face to answer their questions as soon as they arise goes a long way to reducing pre-camp anxiety and in many cases solves a problem which may have otherwise led to that person withdrawing.

Our Facebook group is by invite only but is available to all staff hired by a member camp and through the group we will offer personalised support and access to immediate reassurance and information.  A regular newsletter will summarise key discussions from the Facebook group and offer key resources to those that may not have access to Facebook.